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A manager with evincible experience of several years is responsible for this portfolio of services in the following fields:

 The executive team is formed of specialists who have practical experience with recovery of debts.

”At the moment when the others think a man is at an end

it is time to have a new and correct start!”

We search for debtors, arrange a method for payoff with it we use only legal ways for debt retirement. In the scope of providing enlarging services for our customers we supply all acts related to trials by court and executive bodies doing criminal proceeding.

We offer a solution to the present claims and provide legal and economic advisory in the field of making contracts with an aim to eliminate financial losses in occurring possible debts with operation in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

We have a contractually arranged system of cooperation with top executors who have very successful satisfaction of debts by title.

We have a very high rate of success in collecting debts and we supply incomparable solutions how not to pay for debtors any more.

“We return You what is Yours!“

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