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Consigliere Group within the scope of providing its activities aims at:

I. Human resources management

Outsourcing of complex services in the field of human resources management for small and medium-sized enterprises.

II. Professional selection of employees for working positions staffed by client

In the scope of services for clients we offer::

1.  Recruitment – realization of personnel selection according to the client’s requests and designed profile of a position.

2.  Contract & Project staff - this service is designed for the clients who work on projects and have a limited number of employees.

3.  Executive search – if a client wants to staff a company with executive positions, positions with highly specialized intent, or professional employees whose demand overnumbers the offer.

III. Active search of job opportunities for people looking for a job

In the scope of this activity for jobseekers we offer you a professional and individual service:

- if you want to change your job but do not know where to start,

- if you are looking for a job but cannot find what you want,

- if you are considering of changing your job, but do not have the courage to do it and rather leave it to the experts including documentation drafting for a selection procedure, preparation for an interview and in certain agreed cases a follow-up service during the adaptation process at a new employer, consultancy - counseling and legal services in the field of the labour law.   

Consigliere Group employs a TOP HR manager who, owing to his personal and personable qualification, in a relatively short time has managed to execute successfully more than hundred of projects on the client part and hundreds of projects on the applicant part.

In view of the fact that the mentioned TOP HR manager manages a team of experts with the intent to seeking positions for applicants and searching for suitable candidates to staff a company according to particular categories – laborers, middle, high and TOP management in particular fields and sectors of activities, we are not a specifically  specialized company but our range of activities is wide and comprehensive.

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