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Division of information - communication services of Consigliere Group company was created from internal department of Consigliere Group later incorporated under Technical services division. Within this area are our services subdivided into:

I. Development, administration and maintenance of software, information systems, databases and web portals

Outsourcing of complex services in the area of development, management and maintenance of software, IS, databases and web portals for corporate customers.

II. Designing, supplying, maintenance, management and revision of network infrastructure

Analysis of the environment’s specifics and client’s demands, incorporating the customer’s requirements, incorporating the client's requirements, selection of the most appropriate technologies and transmission systems, drawing of network architecture, integration of components into complex systems and determination of their mutual interactions finished by the functional test, initial revision, preparing and handing of review report and project documentation. Subsequent administration, maintenance and periodic revisions of networks. This product we offer to individuals - non-entrepreneurs, for their home networks, too.

III. Sale and service of ICT

Close cooperation with world leaders in the development and production of information and communication technologies, the exclusive dealership of renowned brands of ICT in Slovakia and the in the Czech Republic, sales to end customers at unbeatable prices, hire purchase, long lease and non-stop service of PC and techniques aimed at citizens and entrepreneur.    

IV. Providing of user support services, maintenance, advisory and consultancy services in the field of ICT

We offer to our contractual clients a professional maintenance, L1 - L3 level support, advisory and consulting services provided non-stop 24/7:

V. Analysis and recovery of lost or deleted data or partitions from corrupted, formatted or infected storage media (HDD, USB drives, memory cards, CDs, DVDs). Virus removal.

VI. Processing printed or non-editable electronic documents (.pdf and graphics) into editable text (.pdf, .doc)

VII. Graphics and other services based on client requirements and after individual agreement with the client

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