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We offer Advisory, consultancy and related law services for natural and legal persons, as well as citizens in a particular field of law:

· criminal law,

· labour law,

· commercial law (commercial corporation law, especially foundation, alteration and abrogation of commercial companies, law of contract (preparation and legal analysis of contracts), personal data protection (preparation of safety documentation), recovery of claims),

· civil law (intellectual property rights, family law, alimony recovery, settlement of tenancy by the entirety and tenancy in common, preparation of contracts – sale and purchase of estates, cadastre proceeding).

Furthermore, we offer to our clients an active cooperation in:

· development of security documentation in accordance with Act no. 122/2013 on the protection of personal data,

· in litigation,

· alternative dispute resolution out of court,

· other services at the request of the client, and after individual agreement with the client..

Advisory, consulting and legal services are provided by a team of employees managed by a senior – lawyer who has professional experience in particular branches of law gained by practicing law as an advocate, operating in national institutions and top executive administrations and owns an attestation of commercial lawyer.

The team of lawyers is designed the way its members can specialize in particular branches of law and their mutual communication enables them to solve various law cases, conduct of contracts, analysis and legal submissions – conceptionally, separately and also in correlative connexity.

The added value for a client resides in providing a constant 24/7 service for covenanted clients and in case of requirement for individuals as well whilst clients are supplied with “in time” consulting through these means of communication: Skype, Hangout, etc.


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